The world has changed since Madonna sneaked, Grinch-like, into a little African Whoville and stole a Christmas tree. I mean baby. When the singer/aging woman adopted little David Banda from Malawi, the demand for exotic foreign babies (but not the disease-riddled ones!) skyrocketed. This is a good thing, yeah? Well, actually, maybe not so good.

It seems that since Madge helped international adoption become so trendy, local adoption has decreased, leaving large numbers of orphans in institutions. (The obvious questions spring to mind: Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?) Also, poorer countries in the EU have seen institutionalization rates rise as parents hope to send their children to better lives in the west. Madonna should really be more careful, otherwise her adopted (heh) native-city of London will be overrun by lovable (if, admittedly, syphilis-ridden) street urchins. Like the Artful Dodger. Or Filthy Sex Show Sally (modern times!) [Showbiz Spy] Some clips from a documentary on the problem are below.