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As if George Lucas' forewarning that Indy 4 just won't be all that great weren't enough to lower our expectations, now we learn that heir to the throne Shia LaBeouf filmed most of his scenes while injured. As the star told MTV News, "I pulled a rotator cuff in my hip...because the injury got worse and worse while filming, I pulled my groin also." And not only did Shia gimp his way through scenes, recent reports suggest that he may have been high as a kite while filming. A recent blind item suggests Harrison Ford and his Mini-Me made a habit out of puffing the green dragon in Shia's trailer and even had code names for being stoned.

In today's Rush & Molloy, we learn that one male blockbuster duo holed up in the younger star's trailer between scenes puffing away:

"Which A-lister toked up with his younger co-star during filming of their megablockbuster? The duo, along with the youngster's dad, smoked pot in the star's trailer, causing the crew to create a code name for when they were stoned."

Words like "megablockbuster" coupled with the fact that Shia's already outed his dad as a former drug dealer can only lead us to the Indy 4 set. But taking his groin problem into account, maybe Shia was simply partaking in a Snoop-approved dose of medical marijuana. Ford's excuse? Well all that growling and frowning he's been doing in his later years must have really put his jaw in painkiller hell. Perhaps pot is the only ticket to putting a smile on Ford's face these days.