YouTube is encouraging teen girls to brutally beat each other and tape it! But seriously, girls between the ages of 13-18 are vicious and should be locked up anyway. And God knows how they're hazing in sororities these days.

Orlando's Local 6 really milks it with a 23-photo slideshow of a recent Florida attack found on YouTube, where five cheerleaders pound on one poor girl. The county sheriff noted that the girls had "no remorse at all."

We did a YouTube search and there are a lot of genuine girlfight videos up there: girls fighting outside a school, brass-knuckle-wearing girls fighting over a boy, or kicking each other on the sidewalk in front of a club. Girls, girls, girls.

What's the appeal of a girlfight? It's a great combination of straight-dude voyeurism, schadenfreude, dominant-chimp impulses, and the popularity of hit tv show Cops. It's also misery and conflict on parade: the entire premise of reality TV.