Nerve and IFC collected history's top 50 comedy sketches in one mega-article full of YouTube and Quicktime clips. This is the ultimate Internet list, ever. (That sentence doesn't even make sense but it is true.) Below are my ten favorites from the list, if you only want to waste an hour and not your entire day.

49. "Ass Pennies," Upright Citizen's Brigade:

46. "Celebrity Jeopardy," Saturday Night Live:

43. "The Pre-Taped Call-in Show," Mr. Show:

35. "The Spanish Inquisition," Monty Python

27. "Head Crusher Vs. Face Pincher," Kids in the Hall

14. "Ministry of Silly Walks," Monty Python

11. "Jaws II" (Land Shark), Saturday Night Live

3. "Argument Clinic," Monty Python

2. "Who's On First?" Abbott and Costello

1. "Dead Parrot," Monty Python

So, what got left out of the top 50? Stick it below so we can all watch.