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The Stop Dr. Uwe Boll online petition ticks ever upward, a sort of virtual career death clock whose every added signature brings us one tantalizing step closer to the million required to ensure the director never unleashes another atrociously realized video game adaptation on a public who strongly feel all the loose threads of BloodRaynes 1 thru 2 still don't quite justify a third. Not surprisingly, the feisty and outspoken cinematic visionary has opted to fight back, via verbal take-downs of some of his better regarded peers. From the MTV Movies Blog:

"Lets say Tom Tykwer, he did 'Run, Lola Run,' right? But 'Perfume' is a piece of sh-t, let's face it, yeah?"

"How many good movies did Gus Van Sant do?" he added, continuing his verbal assault on some of film's best current auteurs. "He did a few good movies but also a few bad movies. But if you have this kind of reputation you get invitations to film festivals or whatever.[...]

But while he bears his claws for the likes of Twyker, Haneke, and Van Sant — he saves his true venom for only one man. And that one man is Michael Bay.

"I think he's really bad. And I think the point is, if you get $250 million for every movie you do, how you gonna make a bad looking movie, with bad sound, bad special effects, whatever?" Boll criticized. "But everything dependent on directing is bad in his movies. And so I think it's kind of absurd, how some people are getting counted like they are geniuses or whatever. But the reality is that in a lot of these $150 million movies, the real credit deserves to the special effects people. Or the second unit crew."

Regardless of what you might think of his non-talents, you must at least give the man credit for his courage in pointing out that many of the most celebrated directors of our time are wearing no clothes at all. Will Hollywood's crown prince of the blowing-shit-up arts grace the outrageous assertions with a response? Or will he perhaps even go one better, accepting Boll's challenge to don a junk-defining Spandex singlet, and meet his critic in the wrestling ring for a little German-rules Extreme Fighting, aka Keine Regeln kämpfen, to determine just who is the most able-bodied shlockteur of them all? The ball is in Bay's court.