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Searching for a working girl online? Common sense tells you to hide your trail. You could use someone else's computer — maybe not your tenant's, as one landlord tried to get away with — or you could take a few simple measures to minimize your trail and its impact. In the comments, hacker pervs will likely weigh in with technically impeccable suggestions, but I expect these aren't only easier, they'll help you get an appointment faster.

  • Use a proxy server and delete your browser history. Your privacy is an illusion, especially at work. I don't recommend reviewing ads at your cubicle, period, but if you're not at risk of having the boss prairie-dogging over your divider, minimize the risk. Proxy software like Tor is a good idea, as is deleting your browser history and clearing your cookies. If your office computer is so locked down that you can't download the software you need, then save your ad-browsing and letter-writing for home.
  • Ask her for a discreet email address. You could accumulate an inbox full of love notes with "sammie_slut_4_415." Messages asking for an appointment with "sf_masseuse" give you more deniability. If she doesn't have a non-whorish sounding address, ask your regular girl for a private email address she doesn't list online. The bonus: priority communication with her.
  • Get another cell phone. Your text messages, call log, and phone bill are all revealing. Get a separate line — no, not on your family plan — and sign up for online-only billing. Better, just use a disposable pay-as-you go phone.
  • Don't touch your credit card like that. You know you're going to impulsively end up buying a membership to a review board or sending her a gift or deposit. Do you know how these charges are listed in your bill? Even if you use PayPal, some variation on her name may show up after the "PAYPAL*". Drop some cash on a prepaid credit card like Green Dot to buy your hooker phone, your hotel rooms, her airfare, and any other incidentals before your critical thinking skills are inconvenienced by time and an erection.

(Photo: Victoria Jolie)