This is a picture sent in by a reader taken during their "Bulldog Days" admitted students weekend at Yale (where that horrible Gossip Girl thing didn't happen!). Supposedly those are two members of the ancient sex and murder club, Skull & Bones, flanking our friend. He tells us: "Apparently they were holding a fundraiser: $2 polaroids, and $0.25 autographs." Huh. I don't exactly think (nor did the tipster) that real Skull & Bones members would need to be fundraising.

I mean, this is the society that bore sexually charged magogs like William Howard Taft and George HW Bush from its loins. Their eerie tomb on High St. (supposedly) saw the foment of the CIA. These are some seriously connected fellows (and, as of '92, ladies) who will fuck you, kill you, and/or become your president. This little photo op seems like a hoax to me. Unless, you know, they're trying to soften their secretive, conspiratorial image. Even wealthy oligarchic secret societies need good PR these days! Or maybe they just let in too many poor people. Either way, I can't wait for the Skull & Bones alumni car wash. Watching the ghost of Tex McCrary playfully spraying hose water all over Don Schollander's rippled physique sounds like a good Saturday afternoon to me.