Rick Haskins, a marketing exec for The CW was on CNN recently, talking about Gossip Girl's controversial "OMFG" sexy time marketing campaign. He claimed that it wasn't that racy because, while yes the images were a bit steamy, the initials could simply stand for "Oh My Freaking Goodness!" This is true! It could also, possibly, stand for "On Meth, Feeling Good," or "One More Fart Gun." Not quite satisfied with Haskins' answer, Brooke Anderson hit the streets, asking bemused people what they thought it meant. Only two ladies "in their sixties" didn't know that it stood for OH MY FUCKING GOD. Curse words and tepid teen dramas continue to threaten our youth. Whee! It's funny when both the outraged and the outrageous seem like idiots. Video of the important news story is here. [Videogum]