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Frankly, we don't know what might have come between Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray, the easy-meal guru and multimedia mogul whose career she helped to launch. But there it is, plain as day, on the cover of the new issue of trusted celebrity news source National Enquirer: "YOU MAKE ME SICK!" Four little words that will change...everything. Obviously, there was no guaranteeing that all Harpo hatchlings would remain as loyal to their mentor as, say, a Nate Berkus, available round-the-clock to board an O-emblazoned helicopter whisking him off to solve 4 a.m. window-treatment crises in Santa Barbara. Even Dr. Phil, that unspeakably bald evil that Winfrey almost certainly wishes she could undo, maintains a level of civility with his Maker. But not that pistol Ray—her feisty Sicilian and Cajun ancestries rendering her even more ornery than a cankle-afflicted Kirstie Alley.