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Seems comments made by Kevin Eyres, managing director of European operations for LinkedIn, were optimistic in pegging ad rates at a $75 CPM. To a degree. A customer who's bought advertising on LinkedIn wrote in to let us know that last fall they negotiated a campaign to run ads against the social network's "premium content" for a $12 CPM, $3 less than the listed $15 rate. The company is now charging $45 for that same inventory, they report. A quick look at the rate card shows that the $45 price point is for vertical banner ads targetted to IT and small business professionals. Custom targeting goes as high as $76.50 per thousand impressions. Good thing to know that you can bargain down those rates 20 percent. And it's still an order of magnitude more than any other social network has been able to charge. While Facebook charges less than a dollar for slutty come-ons, LinkedIn keeps it strictly SFW. After the jump, what the company refuses to allow in ads on the site.

Inadmissable Advertising Pop-ups and Pop-unders Ads with non-functioning drop-down menus, radio buttons, and text boxes Ads that contain fraudulent, deceptive or misleading statements or illustrations. Attacks of personal nature Advertisements that are overly competitive or that refer abusively to the goods or services of others. Offensive to Good Taste - Indecent, vulgar, suggestive or other advertising that, in the opinion of LinkedIn, may be offensive to good taste. Discrimination Advertisements that fail to comply with the express requirements of federal and state laws. Investments Advertisements that do not comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Political advertisements that do not identify the paid sponsor in every frame of the ad will not be accepted. Tobacco Advertisements for cigarettes and other tobacco products. Occult Pursuits Advertisements for fortune telling, dream interpretations and individual horoscopes except when the emphasis is on amusement rather than serious interpretation. Endangered Species Advertisements offering furs or products made from the furs or hides of animals included on government endangered species lists. Online Gaming Advertisements promoting online gaming or wagering sites. Advertisements that, in our opinion, simulate web pages and/or other LinkedIn products or that may be confused with our web pages are unacceptable.