Turns out that you can't crowdsource a good book but you can crowdsource a good movie. The dark indie comedy Iron Sky was put together with the help of over 3000 people organized through an online system that has already turned out one film. They released a trailer Tuesday (shown below, along with the creators' first film). The premise: During World War II, Nazis escaped to the moon, and now they're back. Awesome.

So thankfully, the masses here aren't being asked to write the movie but to help produce it. The creators of Iron Sky divided production tasks into chunks that they farmed out using their online system, Wreck A Movie. They built this system after putting together their first collaborative film, Star Wreck:

Wreck A Movie was also used for the Finnish horror film Sauna, which looks like a Northern European version of Guillermo del Toro.

The Iron Sky crew is also asking fans to buy promo packages, calling them "war bonds." Again, a great way to mobilize a crowd in an entertaining way without actually ruining your movie. And whatever comes out of this, it'll be hella better than Snakes On A Plane.