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The Beatrice Inn should at least pretend a little more convincingly. The signs in the downtown nightspot warning against drugs, sex, smoking, and dancing are routinely ignored, particularly for Josh Hartnett-level celebrities. And according to a tipster, bouncers told all the patrons to extinguish their cigarettes shortly before a raid by the police last night. Two heavyset cops came in around 2 a.m. and made a beeline for the bathrooms—which are, by regulation, drug-free. Still, even the police presence didn't stop two girls from trying to conduct their nefarious business in there:

And at one point while the cops were still there, two girls tried going into the bathroom together (as per usual), and the bouncer wouldn't let them, they got into an argument, admitted they didn't actually have to "use the bathroom", so he just told them to move on.

The fallout from the law enforcement operation?

After they left, the bouncer announced, "Ok everyone, party's back on!"

[pic via NY Mag]