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Paramount interns are plucking rose petals as we speak for Brad Grey's arrival at the office tomorrow, by which time Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Do We Really Have to Write it Out Again will be on its way to the top five — and possibly even an all-time record — for a five-day opening weekend. Most midnight screenings around the country tonight are already sold out, with at least one prognosticator firming up his tracking to reflect a $173 million opening. The number would bump the final Star Wars installment Revenge of the Sith from the number-one spot and, paired with Iron Man, give Paramount the best May in its history.

Scott Bowles has more at USA Today (including the troubling potential for yet another Indy franchise entry), and of course we'll have our own infallible figures Friday morning in Defamer Attractions. Meanwhile, a cadre of contrarian fanboys are even rallying now to defend current Memorial Day-weekend record-holder Spider-Man from the indignity of second place: "Save Spidey! Boycott Indy!" wheezes a recent headline at Comics 2 Film. "Spidey 3 tallied up $151.1 million this time last year. However, the web-slinger did it in a traditional three-day weekend, whereas Indy IV will have a five-day stretch. Fans who want Spidey to hang on to his cred may want avoid Indy this weekend and catch up with the adventure next week." Or, more realistically, pick up another pair of Spidey jammies and/or Underoos to help prevent total brand subsumption over the holiday frame.