Oh, don't worry. Lindsay Lohan always learns her lesson. After she purloined an $11,000 fur coat from a Russian model and was eventually sued (for six figures) for the outrage, a rival of the trendy 1Oak club where the whole kerfuffle went down has offered to pay a settlement on LiLo's behalf and buy her an $11,000 coat. John Englebert, owner of the clubs Prime and Suzie Wong, made a statement through his publicist saying that he'd like to extend a kind hand to Lindsay as a balm for all her recent ills. Obviously this is a PR stunt, but it's also yet another weary indictment of a culture that gives free shit to the people who need it least. The American caste system is alive and well, at least here in the Windy Apple! Of course she hasn't, you know, accepted the offer (yet?), but still. Full publicist missive, from GroundReport, after the jump.

"NEW YORK, NY - NYC Nightclub owner John "JE" Englebert of Prime nightclub and Suzie Wong Saki lounge is making an offer to Lindsay Lohan that she can't refuse. After feeling bad about the stolen mink coat scandal in a neighboring Manhattan nightclub, JE is offering Lindsay a new $11,000.00 blond mink coat and to settle the model's lawsuit against her.

Lindsay has always been a fixture and a party girl in his establishments and does not want her to catch a cold in this frigid start to the summer.

According to Mr. Englebert, "I know what it's like to have mistaken identity. Many times people take the wrong coat thinking that it's theirs at my nightclubs. I am offering to take Lindsay on a mink shopping spree with me, to have the coat of her choice. My motto has always been, "If the coat fits, buy it."