When she sees a fellow media punching bag in distress, Julia Allison will rush to defend them. The dating columnist and fake Star magazine editor, so criticized by nasty blog commenters for being talentless and and fame-whoring, was on the E! show Chelsea Lately last night, discussing, among other things, Tori Spelling. Spelling, an "actress" who is only "famous" because of some random bits of luck (daddy was a zillionaire TV producer), is often under attack, also from nasty blog commenters, for her lack of talent, her fame-grubbing, and, yes, her looks. Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler and another panel guest piled on in typical fashion, but Julia, seeing her quasi-celebrity sister in trouble, tried to rescue poor Tori by saying something about how she liked her recent book, sTORItelling. Julia said she read it on the plane on the way to LA and found it quite funny. (Though, um, update! Does that mean Julia Allison can read in her sleep??) She also defended, sort of, Spelling's looks by sputtering "she's apparently really cute in person!" Clip is above.