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Madonna's epic reputation as a racy, sexual icon who lives life with "no regrets" has encountered a few speed bumps in recent years. The transition from Material Girl to Earth Mother circa Ray Of Life in 1998 marked the most significant rupture to her free-wheeling Erotica-encapsulated days of drugs, sex, and whispered rock 'n roll, an "epiphany" she credited to Kabbalah. But after the ethereal schtick grew tired, the older but not necessarily wiser Madge launched a campaign to reclaim her It Girl Woman cred by slipping Christina and Britney some tongue, spreading her legs for Hard Candy, and using that handy Husband Emasculation method perfected by Katherine Heigl to resurrect her old identity as a shockworthy icon of sorts. And after hearing just what kind of "sordid" revelations await us in her estranged brother's tell-all memoir Life With My Sister Madonna, we don't think Madge's reps should even bother issuing a denial about Christopher Ciccone's book. Anecdotes about same-sex makeout sessions, drug parties with studio execs, and straight-edge Guy Ritchie's alleged "homophobic" tendencies, all of which actually add up to a convincing pro-Madonna campaign...

In Ciccone's book, set for release next Tuesday, her brother reportedly blames his estrangement from Madonna on Guy's anti-gay attitude: "Ciccone, who is gay, alleges that his relationship with Madonna went downhill after she married Ritchie...because of the director's homophobic tendencies." Of course, we find it hard to believe that someone like Madonna, who Ciccone also claims planted a very steamy kiss on Gwyneth Paltrow during a decadent late-night birthday party years ago, would side with anyone carrying anti-gay baggage around.

Chris also promises to expose his sister's ancient habits of partaking in (shocker!) mini-drug parties every now and then with her music producers. But in today's drug-infested celebrity culture, sharing a joint or two with your boss in the music studio sounds downright G-rated compared to her fellow Brits' current escapades, filming themselves smoking crack, feeding crack to kittens, and snorting posher crack on dirty mirrors in the vicinity of yet another drug crusador, Pete Doherty. And lesbian flings? Please. Not only are same-sex couples all the rage at the moment, but they've become just as yawnworthy as the so-called scandalous details surrounding the Gwynnie kiss. I mean, it's Gwyneth Paltrow. Any "secrets" painting the hooker heel fanatic in a naughty new light are music to the burgeoning sexpot's ears.

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