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Popular tween superstar Miley "Milerz" Cyrus could've used a little assistance from her partner in crime Mandy "Manderz" Jiroux as the twosome left a Southern California shopping center. Cyrus politely asked for Jiroux to carry at least one of the bags while walking to the car, adding that Jiroux could borrow the "totally sweet" Ed Hardy tank top she got if she carried one of the bags. Jiroux said, "It's either I give you a ride home or I carry one of your bags to the bus stop and we're quite away from Burbank, pumpkin. And you know that I'm going to borrow that tank top either way." Attempting to figure out the distance between the mall and Burbank, Cyrus soldiered on with all of her bags.

[Photo Credit: X17]

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