Matthew Winkler, the famously unbalanced editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, is known for his pathological hatred of the words "but" and "announce". (The word "the" is apparently still permitted.) For a while, the bowtie-wearing wire service editorial chief reined himself in, after reporters complained to the company's owner, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. But (see what I did there) he was his old self after Benazir Bhutto's assassination.

Bloomberg's South Asia staff did their usual speedy and effective work, under difficult conditions. But that wasn't enough for the nit-picking editorial supremo. Writes a poster to the Bloomberg message forum on The Vault. "So who rolls up to overturn the applecart? Deranged bowtie himself, complaining that the people on the spot were committing 'style violations' — offenses to the rules laid down by his less-than-sound mind."

(Later today: an audio tape of Winkler yelling at subordinates after they complained about the summary dismissal of a reporter. Keep those tips coming.)