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  • Esquire's editor-in-chief David Granger says he never got a call from Bill Clinton, as the former president suggested in his comments last night when he was asked to respond to the incendiary Vanity Fair story by Todd Purdum. Turns out it was a measly staff editor who emailed. [Politico]
  • Clinton slams VF's Todd Purdum and calls him a "scumbag" before later apologizing. But it seems the damage has been done. Even Gina Gershon's reps are now asking for a retraction. [CNN, LAT, TMZ]
  • Slate's David Plotz and The Atlantic's Hanna Rosin try to recreate a silly stunt detailed in the Times several weeks ago. Hilarity ensues. [Slate, Observer]
  • Still no retraction from the folks at Entertainment Tonight, who reported (erroneously!) that Angelina and Brad had twins last week. [AP]
  • Philip Galanes, a writer, author, part-time interior designer, and former lawyer is going to be the Times's new "etiquette" columnist. What's the polite way to describe professional multiple personality disorder? [WWD]
  • Jezebel claims that "the formidable Katrina Vanden Heuvel" [sic] ripped off the site's editor in comments on CNN last night. Apparently, suggesting Hillary Clinton speak out against sexism is a brand new concept. [Jezebel]
  • NBC chief Jeff Zucker blames his troubles on parent GE, lamenting the "cold shoulder" he's received from his corporate bosses. Or maybe Jeff Immelt has caught on to the fact that Zucker should have been fired half a decade ago. [Post]
  • Jerry Seinfeld took to the stage at MSG yesterday to tackle such novel topics as cell phones, Viagra, and "contempoary lingo." An upcoming tour to the Middle East does not seem likely: "The problem with the Arabs is, to paraphrase, "all that sand and no actual beach. It's driving them crazy.'" [Fox411]