Star editor-at-large, pundit and person Julia Allison has a Wikipedia page. On it, there is a not very flattering picture. On the inexorably long Wikitalk page, Allison demands that the photo be removed. "With regard to Christopher's photograph, I would appreciate if it were removed. I didn't ask for this wikipedia site, and frequently people post such atrocious - and false - things about me on here it actually brings me to tears. ...I get a ton of crap in my career, and I'm asking you respectfully, as fellow human beings, to understand that I just don't like that photograph. That's all. I don't think it looks like me and given what I understand about wikipedia policy, you're supposed to err on the side of caution." Obviously, the photo is still up. Obviously, it looks like her. Why exactly she feels such strong antipathy for the photograph may be extrapolated from a recent tumblr post.

Early this morning, Ms. Allison appeared on CNN to discuss the death of Heath Ledger. Allison has somehow become an expert on the matter. Anyway, it's kind of serious in as much as it is a human being who died and in a post after she got home, I guess, and screen-captured her appearance, Allison uses the moment to reflect on some important things she learned. These life-lessons include, "The first rule of dressing for TV is always, always, always wear a V-neck. I ignored this today, because I thought, "meh, why not mix it up?" Big mistake. I don't know WHY, but scoop necks/turtlenecks - ANYTHING other than V-necks - are just NOT FLATTERING on television." The Wiki photo clearly shows Ms. Allison under-utilizing what many people (not me) think of as her best assets: her breasts. These are showcased in these photographs.

I would suggest Allison's strongest asset is her blind disingenuousness. This quality allows her to expose and enrich herself via her outrageous antics on the internet, parlay her popularity there into a high-paying job, as part of that high-paying job speculate wildly on the death of other human beings, reproach herself afterwards for not showing enough tit and at the same time appeal to the Wikipedia community to remove a perfectly legal and fine picture as a "human being." That is truly a rare and wondrous thing.