Yar-loving Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has proven his worth as a restaurant promoter. The Waverly Inn is the hottest spot in town no doubt no doubt. But apparently his grip on New York's restaurant scene isn't all there. Recently a disgruntled commenter at the "haute travel talk" site Extravigator complained of his experience at the Gramercy Tavern thusly, "had a horrible experience - ...the maitre'd was one of the rudest i've ever encountered in any nyc restaurant in years. i had confirmed reservations - thru graydon carter's office, and was still treated horribly - would not recommend this restaurant to anyone right now!" Umm, so there you have it. Making a reservation for a restaurant through Mr. Carter's office for a place he does not own nor with which he has any affiliation will not get you treated well. You heard it here first.