The most retarded columnist in the entire city would like to take you on a date, but he can't just ask, first he has to prove his idiocy through a "Men Seeking Women Ad" on Craigslist. In the ad, the columnist will brag about his intelligence and accomplishments while dropping enough hints so that everyone, or at least everyone who matters, will be able to figure out exactly who he is, thus piercing his veil of anonymity and calling into question the very smarts he was touting to begin with. Here are the clues: he is "an ivy league educated writer," covers politics and is "the youngest columnist in the 200-year history of my newspaper." Also, he lives on the Upper West Side and is 28-Craigslist-years old. This should really narrow it down. Who is he? Email Badly-written Craigslist ad after the jump, plus a big clue as to which newspaper he works for.

The Craigslist ad:

The clue:

Founding dates of various New York papers:

  • New York Post 1801
  • New York Times 1851
  • New York Daily News 1919
  • Wall Street Journal 1881
  • New York Sun 2002
  • New York Observer 1987
  • Newsday 1940