CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric can't wait to show you these new cartoons on her show, which explain complicated stuff, like what a "superdelegate" is, apparently Katie was confused about that but "now I get it!" thanks to one of the cartoons. Complete with funny "magical" type music, the cartoon explained how a superdelegate is like a wizard created by the Godless Democrats to have a special magical vote at the convention, and also is like the Wizard of Oz, except the Wizard of Oz is supposed to be a powerless facade with a man behind the curtain and superdelegates are powerful. In fact the whole Oz analogy is so bad it is giving people headaches, but Katie thinks the whole thing overall is awesome, so expect to see a lot more cartoons on CBS newscasts, like maybe something whimsical on ethnic warfare in Kenya. Wizard superdelegate video after the jump.