Anyone have an internal email confirming the closure of Genre? We've had a couple of tips, and the newspaper's editors aren't taking calls. (The only people mourning the moribund gay title's demise, apart from the staff, will be the strippers of all sexes who have benefited from the generosity of proudly pan-sexual editor, Neal Boulton.) Update: Damn. False alarm. Boulton, a special friend of Rolling Stone supremo Jann Wenner, writes in to say Genre is walking taller and stronger than ever before. (Don't push it, mate.)

This is the problem with blog responses. They set aflame raging rumours. Genre is NOT only NOT closing, but it is experiencing record growth, the addition of a new bright team of staffers, as well as an increase in circulation, and advertisers across many key categories. What's more, Genre, unlike it's competitors, who seem to be staggering around the competitive set looking for help, is walking taller and stronger than ever before. Mark my words: Genre will be an irrepressible force in publishing, so stay tuned!