The Oscars, overall, kind of sucked. Host Jon Stewart was mostly just tame and friendly rather than biting and fun; there were too many canned clip montages; one poor winner even got rushed off stage without getting to utter a single word (at least they brought her back later). Then came La Vie En Rose star Marion Cotillard's emotional acceptance speech for best actress, and everyone got kind of teary and thankful the Oscars didn't get canceled after all, even though the speech was a little saccharine and melodramatic, just like this year's Oscars themselves. If Cotillard was too dainty and helpless for your taste, there was always ex-stripper Diablo Cody's awesome acceptance for the Juno screenplay, which went from punk rock to total bawl bait and was a close runner-up, lesser only because her win was way more predictable than Cotillard's. Both videos are after the jump.

Marion Cotillard:

Diablo Cody: