Ellen Page continues to enjoy the halo of her success in the hit film Juno, moving from the cover of Entertainment Weekly to a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live last night. But Juno writer Diablo Cody has watched her stock tumble since her moment in the sun at the Oscars. There was the issue of her million-dollar diamond-encrusted shoes, which Cody bizarrely thought came with no strings attached and which she turned into the subject of a furious MySpace post about how the designer only lent them to her for (gasp!) purposes of publicity. Then there was the question of whether she wanted to get a tattoo of Ellen Page's face, and then the cringe-worthy quote where Cody said she would "personally put my vag out there" if "the Beef Council would cough up the proper endorsement money." If the idea was to remind everyone of Cody's punk-rock, stripper background in the fashion of her blog, "the Pussy Ranch," well, it worked: Hollywood is now worried about whether all the other stripper screenwriters out there are going to shove aside more deserving but less flashy scribes. The worst blow yet, of course, was the not-so-loving impersonation of Cody on SNL last night. To add insult to injury it was shepherded in front of the audience by no less than Page: