All My Children star Leven Rambin is apparently still dating thin-skinned Men's Vogue writer Hud Morgan, reports to the contrary notwithstanding. And Hud is still trying to threaten anyone who raises questions about his relationship with the 17 year old starlet, albeit in the manner of a fruitini-drinking water polo ogler. His latest stunt was a middle-of-the-night call to dandy magazine designer Gregory Littley, who runs in the same circles as Rambin and apparently aired some healthy "skepticism" about her relationship with older man Morgan. Morgan suggested that Littley air his grievances face to face and came off sounding like he meant that as some kind of threat, albeit a barely credible one. Of course the whole call ended up on the internet, courtesy of Littley friend Emily Brill, the bloggy socialite. But maybe that was the idea. Morgan made the call from Rambin's phone and was sure to say so in his voice mail, thus helping spread the word that, no matter who else Rambin may or may not have recently made out with, she still belongs to Morgan. Video of Morgan's call, and Littley's reaction, after the jump.

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Emily Brill: Men’s Vogue Editors Say The Darndest Things on Gergory Littley's Voicemail