Parker Posey, the increasingly eccentric actress, tells Page Six Magazine that Gawker is "the devil". That's hardly a surprise: it's only since Gawker spies began tracking Posey's erratic trail through downtown New York, with her badly-behaved pooch, that terrorized fellow shoppers have been able to exact retribution. Laia writes: "I was in a store in Soho and actress Parker Posey was in there too with her (obnoxious) dog. The dog was sniffing my handbag, trying to get my left-over croissant. Posey apologized but all glibly, so I sent her dog to hell in Spanish. Anyways, the important thing happened afterwards. She dropped a white silk blouse on the floor-and the dog peed on it. Another customer noticed it and asked me if it was my blouse, or my dog. Certainly not my dog, I answered. Posey picked up the blouse, gave it to the sales person and left the store."