Fox News felt, perhaps, a bit upstaged by ABC News' sensationalized report on how Hillary Clinton slept in her own home 11 years ago, so the cable news network decided to flood the zone with even more of its own tabloid hype than usual. started with "Woman Gets New Anus Instead of Leg Operation" then moved on to "Is Your Vagina Depressed?" (Sex site spotted the racy headlines quickly.) Fox's report on vagina pain, aka Vulvodynia, was noteworthy not just for the headline, but also because a paid Vagisil consultant and advisory board member, Dr. Adelaide Nardone, touted a Vagisil product for the disorder, and neither she nor Fox disclosed to viewers her relationship to the feminine hygiene brand. Perhaps these sorts of stories are inevitable when you give your medical correspondent his own blog called "Dr. Manny After Hours." After the jump, video of the Vagisil plug, plus Dr. Manny encouraging a woman — her vagina, really — to buck up and look at the bright side of life.