It's at least the fourth imitator of viral website Stuff White People Like, but Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like is actually pretty funny, in part because it's still young enough that you can read the whole site in like 15 minutes. That young jews liked "Writing for Television" and "Taking Christ's Name In Vain" I kind of figured, but "Ultimate Frisbee?" This goy had no idea. More examples:

  • Voting: "Young American Jews, aged 18-34, have a 73% voter turn out. Average American non-Jews of the same demographic have a 42% voter turn out."
  • National Public Radio: "Not only does NPR feed in to their progressive liberal elitism, it also creates a stronger sense of their progressive liberal elitism."
  • Psuedo Indie Media Outlets: " Slate, McSweeney's, and the New Republic, while independent in spirit, all have massive corporate parent companies."

OK, maybe also? Professional blogging.

[Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like]