After only three days, the teaser trailer for Twilight — that highly anticipated franchise initially classified as the "new Harry Potter" — racked up more than two million views on the film's MySpace page. As industry insiders have noted, the vampire flick may break the record of 4.1 million first week views set by Indy 4 earlier this year. But after viewing Twilight's trailer for ourselves, we couldn't care less about records or the fate of Indiana What's His Name. Why? The folks at Summit Entertainment managed to create excitement (and widespread teen titillation) not by appealing to HP dorks or Narnia obsessives, but rather by going the Gossip Girl route and putting together an ensemble cast comprised of barely known and ridiculously hot actors. Take a gander at what appears to be a fantastical and surprisingly romantic Tim Burton-esque world after the jump.

One reason the vampire-next-door tale might be pegged towards the "cool crowd" has to do with its female director, <a href=""Catherine Hardwicke, whose resume includes 2003's indie cult classic Thirteen, that dark but painfully realistic Evan Rachel Wood vehicle that revealed the real inner workings of its adolescent female protagonist's depressive mind. From the looks of this trailer, Hardwicke isn't afraid of scaring the kiddies, but the might just scare their parents. All we know is how drastically our former prediction that the franchise would be just another innocuous National Treasure or worse, Golden Compass, has been happily proven wrong. And all we want to do is fly away on bad boy Robert Pattinson's back, no matter how many windows we break.