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Women do rule the web, Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake told the New York Times, but with a "crushing sameness." Loads of blogs aimed at the moneyed portion of the lady demographic are launching, including Jezebel (published, like Valleywag, by Gawker Media) — ostensibly part of the "sameness" Fake alludes to. A BlogHer study even deems blogging now mainstream among women. Fake is not swayed:

“The lack of evolution is disappointing to me. Back in 1996, it was going to be this brave new world where women were finally going to take control of their stories."

The girl utopia the early women of the Web have been holding out for? It's arrived, sandwiched neatly between tampon and diet ads. The only question is why we ever expected anything different. (Photo by Caterina Fake)