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Hollywood's savvy hustlers have struck again, with Lloyd Braun and Gail Berman convincing Yahoo and Microsoft to hire BermanBraun to produce a content portal for MSN and a contentpole for Yahoo called "Lunacy Report," according to sources cited by All Things Digital. For the ADD-affected with long term memory issues, former Yahoo CEO and Tom Cruise BFF Terry Semel hired Braun to shepherd in Yahoo's reign as a media company, followed by Braun taking the fall for much of Semel's own lunacy before Semel himself was ousted.

Yahoo's Santa Monica campus, which was built under Semel and Braun's tenure is now a News Corp. outpost, and while BermanBraun signed Web content deals last summer, I've yet to see as much as a press release from the pair since. Microsoft can be forgiven for biting on Michael Eisner's pitch hook, line and sinker, but struggling Yahoo should really know better. (Photo by Getty/Jean-Paul Aussenard)