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A reporter named Kate Spicer, who writes for the UK Times, came to New York to research cosmetic procedures, a journey that, naturally, involved an encounter with Fredric Brandt, the Manhattan/Miami dermatologist most famous for treating Madonna and for being, as Spicer aptly puts it, "jaw-dropping evidence of what happens when cosmetic dermatologists get high on their own supply." (He's pictured here with Lisa Falcone, the wife of hedge fund mogul Phil Falcone.) Brandt has a minor hissy fit when he discovers she's had Botox and Sculptra injections from another (non-famous, gasp!) doc the evening before, but administers more Botox and Restylane anyway. Hey, you don't get to be a derm-to-the-stars by turning down international press over a minor affront like that, do you?