So this is how the gossamer-haired property developer safeguards his public reputation. Radar's Neel Shah has unearthed a taped call from Trump to a gossip columnist who reported the famed womanizer was a bad date. 62-year-old Trump denies neither the womanizing nor his pattern of caddish behavior; but cleverly and credibly points out that he'd never waste time on a woman already half his age. Here's the short-fingered vulgarian's response: "And by the way, based on her picture, I would never take her out. She looks like a fucking third-rate hooker. I mean gimme a break... I mean, Chaunce, come on, I have good taste in women.... She's not a good-looking girl.... I mean she's a 35-year-old Penthouse Pet? That's pretty pathetic. I thought it was Playboy? I never took her out."