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A vague and incredibly mysterious blind item in today’s NY Daily News initially gave us a headache because not a single “groovy”-like hint was included:

"What two hunky actors are refraining from any public displays of affection now that spies on their set are suggesting they're more than friends?"

But then we remembered an old love lesson from kindergarten: boys tend to be most cruel to their objects of affection. So after racking our brains trying to think of every male/male couplet currently filming a movie somewhere out there proved useless, we took the very few clues supplied in the piece, added in that old grade-school dictum we just referenced and voila! We think we might be onto something.See the puzzle pieces connect after the jump.

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Based on all the reports of on-set squabbling, competition and battling egos from the set of Jim Sheridan’s Brothers, our top suspects are the film’s “hunky” co-stars Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal. Before Var even announced the remake’s cast back in September, the pair already had a history of tension between them following rumors that Jake would replace Tobey in any upcoming Spiderman sequels. And as soon as filming began in November, gossip spread that the two were bitching and moaning over sharing the same makeup artist. The next month, Star reported that the divas were “competing over who gets along better with castmates and crew...while Tobey gave crew members new 8GB iPod Nanos, Jake gave out gift certificates to tony Koi restaurant.”

Interestingly enough, the relationship turned from sour to sweet seemingly overnight, as photos of Tobey in tight latex and Jake in his Brokeback beard schmoozing in LA emerged, followed by stories that Jake spotted Tobey and his family in Brentwood and “pulled his car over for a chat.” And yet, no happy paparazzi shots or friendly tales have come over the wires since then, leading us to wonder if this PDA-free pact is behind the void. But you tell us: are we just wishfully thinking? And if so, who are we forgetting?

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