Meet Dimitri! He met you on the street the other day and just wanted to say hi, and have sex with you. Call him "as soon as you have the courage to." He doesn't like leaving second messages, but he likes you. "Here how it's going to work. It is now 4:30 on Wednesday. Now I'll assume-I'll assume that you've already work. ... But if i do not receive a phone call back from you by 3 o'clock, Thursday afternoon, I am no longer interested. and you can erase my phone number. I do not play games like that." There's NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM. But maybe your mother has cancer? So. WHO IS DIMITIRI? He's probably this guy:

In the summer of 2004, a newly single professional in his early forties wanted to sleep with as many women as possible. Sex being above all other considerations - time, money, shame - he took on the persona "Dimitri the Lover" and drafted a general sexual proposition for any "attractive, intelligent woman" who happened to read it. He printed a few thousand posters and hired a postering company. Together they placed them all over the city, from family-oriented neighbourhoods like the Beaches (where mothers' groups ripped them down en masse) to York University campus (which alerted the police).

"I got dozens of responses. Dozens. And fucked maybe 20 women, something like that. Not a lot," Dimitri tells me. Of course, most people who saw the poster thought it was a joke. I did, until Dimitri hit on me in Starbucks two years later. I was taken aback, mostly because of the way he looked: tall and broad-shouldered, with dark, gelled-back hair. A stranger on the street might nickname him "Dimitri the Lover" as a joke.

Yes, and then he became a bonafied pickup artist! And now Dimitri is an internet sensation! Where did this come from? It's posted a couple places with various questionable "friend of a friend" descriptions, but maybe this clip is just the PUA equivalent of Viral Marketing?

Jezebel has the transcript of the voicemails, in case you are squeamish or without speakers.