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Sadly, not all girly song-writing musicians are as easily whipped into shape as Joshua Kelley Heigl. And Jennifer Aniston is discovering this pesky factoid the hard way. In an attempt to gather some overseas materials for her inevitable post break-up scrapbooking sesh, Aniston reportedly spent much of John Mayer’s Hyde Park concert “snapping pictures,” tapping her foot and showering him with over-enthusiastic embraces and forced PDA as soon as he got a moment to relax. In short? “Clingy” Jennifer is back, and it only takes one photo frighteningly reminiscent of Ben Affleck’s passion-void camera-centric “kiss” to Jennifer Lopez in 2003 to signal trouble on the horizon. More details surrounding Aniston’s steadily approaching familiar descent towards relationship desperation after the jump.

As Us reported, Jen and her "big professional camera" just could not stop taking pictures of Mayer throughout his Saturday gig overseas, and that contagious British virus notorious for attacking celebrities during their trips across the pond struck Aniston, who became so suddenly turned on by Mayer's dapper black chinos that she took a nose-dive straight into them as paparazzi swarmed in. But her clingy girlfriends are clinging to their own objects of affection (the press) and labeling her clingy yet again! It seems her so-called friends are worried about Jennifer's mode of desperation rising up as it always does, and they've collectively hypothesized that Mayer is just in the relationship for the fanfare! But he claims every decision he makes is "with complete authenticity!" And Sheryl Crow is "happy"! And Owen Wilson could not be reached for comment! And Jessica Simpson was spotted hurled over some bar soaked in tears and memories! And Brad Pitt announced he simply didn't care, thus signaling that light at the end of the tunnel, and we finally remembered we have better things to do.

[Photo credits: Daily Mail, Wireimage]