Wendy Williams, the queen of hip hop talk radio and sworn enemy of Method Man and his cancer-stricken wife, is in high demand these days. And not just by hitmen looking for work! Williams is about to launch a trial run of a morning talk show on Fox, for those who would rather watch a loud, be-wigged radio DJ first thing in the morning than learn some new summer smoothie recipes from Meredith Vieira. Television is a wasteland, let's face it. But at least Wendy is planning to keep things upbeat; the last long discussion her producer had was about "whether you can say penis."

"My bark is worse than my bite," Ms. Williams said of her reputation for exceptionally blunt questions. "I feel as though I'm nice, and that I'm down to earth, and - people like me get taken advantage of. So by being tall and outgoing, people mistake that for being overpowering, overbearing, loud and being a bully. No, no I'm a flower."

Sure, sure. The Times notes that not only did Williams get herself cussed out by Method Man (for revealing on-air that his wife had cancer), but also that Judge Greg Mathis has "taken her to task." Uh, that's a pretty polite way of describing it. Here's what Williams said about that incident in a 2003 interview:

"I was interviewing Judge Mathis and he called me the F-word and walked out of the studio and that's because I was getting under his skin with an issue very close to home, recalled Williams. "He came to New York to promote his new book and I mentioned to him an article that I had read. Mind you, Judge Mathis and I are friendly. He has been on my show to promote his show. So, when his book came out it was only natural for him to come on my show to promote his book. I mentioned an incident relating to he and an extra marital affair, the use of cocaine by him, marijuana by him, kinky sex, including three-way sex, and he had a fall out with this girl and she alleges that he became physically threatening toward her."...

"You know the saying 'Thou doth protest too much' I watched him show out and everybody was absolutely floored. He went into the other room and at the time I was shooting a pilot for an upcoming VH1 special and my husband was there. So, he stormed out and went to where my employees and my husband was and he was like 'You want some of this too!' It wasn't very judge like. He was more like a guilty defendant."

We'll be watching! Not really.