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Here's Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman's unenviable position: The pectacularly buff New York techie is dating former Star editor-at-large turned wantrepreneur Julia Allison, but she still holds a candle for Digg founder Kevin Rose, whom she briefly dated earlier this year. And, coincidentally, Rose just happens to be an Iminlikewithyou investor. Maybe that's not so bad for Forman.

If his casual-games venture goes well, he'll have more free time to spend squiring Allison around Manhattan. (She even sometimes gets Forman's name right when introducing him to strangers.) And every moment Allison's out and about is a moment when she's not online obsessing about Rose. Less drama, more money? Rose had better hope Forman's startup takes off.

(Photos by b_d_solis)