The tumult surrounding Project Runway continues, now with illicit spoilers. The fashion design competition show has been involved in all sorts of hullabaloo ever since the news dropped that the series would be moving from Bravo to Lifetime after the 5th season, which premiered last week. NBC Universal was pissed and threatened to sue. Then came more bad news about Nina Garcia-related woes and a much groaned-about move to Los Angeles. As this new season approached, Bravo seemed to barely acknowledge it-almost as if they were bitterly trying to sabotage the show. And now these spoilers. Some sneaky someone went onto the show's Wikipedia page and added results for the next four challenges, including who gets eliminated. Is it real, is it a hoax? Take a look after the jump at a screenshot of the "Designer Elimination Chart" and judge (heh) for yourself. Update: Most of the chart has been removed from the Wiki page, but we still have the screenshot!

Goodbye, Jerrell! See ya later, Suede! You were too annoying and queeny for this world. As we tend to play the wild speculation game around here once in a while, we like to think that this was all part of the same great Bravo super plot that squelched any buzz for the current season. Wouldn't that be wicked and hilarious? Truly as bitchy a move as a bitchy network like Bravo could muster. Of course it could mean lawsuits and firings and all that, so we're just sayin' is all. Just sayin'. Can't wait to watch what happens.

Hey, wait a second.