It seems as if nary a day has gone by in the last few months where we haven't gotten an update on the new CW re-envisioning of Beverly Hills 90210. Up to now, there have been a frenzy of rumors suggesting which original castmembers will be returning (Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Nat) and which wouldn't (Dylan McKay, Steve Sanders, Andrea Zuckerman). However, there is one person whose name has never entered the rumor mill. That name is Brandon Walsh. And you know what? We're glad. It's not because we have anything against Jason Priestley as an actor, it's more because Brandon Walsh was one of the most sanctimoniously asshole-ish characters to ever appear on network TV. In tonight's edition of Defamer To Do's, Molly McAleer finally gets the opportunity to showcase her utter disdain for the eldest child of Jim and Cindy Walsh. Enjoy!

· The Make Out Part at the Echo.
· Ticket to Ride at the Madrid Theater.
· Rock Band Contest at Sardo's.