Adorable publishing tyke Jared Kushnergot got back together with girlfriend Ivanka Trump! Really, how could he not, they have so much in common: Both are attractive, both rich due to inherited real estate wealth and both have fathers who get extremely nasty while feuding with enemies. But Kushner is a Jew and Ivanka's a shiksa, and this has been a problem for Kushner's Orthodox family. In fact, the religious divide may very well have been behind the couple's mysterious breakup in April, around the time of their one-year anniversary. To get Kushner back, Ivanka has promised that, if things get more serious, she'll convert to Judaism. So sweet! And I'm sure the socialite feels a profound, authentic connection to the religion. Totes! Well, sort of. A friend tells Page Six the conversion is "a possibility, but that's way down the line." A brief recap of the Kushner-Trump romance, for those who have not been following along at home:

  • Jared Kushner owns the New York Observer. He also helps run his father Charles' real estate company. Charles Kushner is a convicted felon following schemes to funnel campaign donations throuh the names of real estate partners, and also because he hired a prostitute to seduce, and thus help Kushner get revenge against, his brother-in-law.
  • In March 2007, Jared paraded Ivanka, daughter of famed loudmouth and Rosie O'Donnell hater Donald Trump, through the Observer offices in a suspicious way.
  • In April 2007, Kushner's spokesman said the couple were just buddies, but this was irrefutably proven false when word leaked about the Observer trip, which for some reason Observer staffers had kept to themselves.
  • Almost exactly one year later, Ivanka is spotted going to parties by herself. Speculation about the breakup centers on the religious issue, and also on speculation that maybe Charles wants to seem more independent and mogul-ish.
  • A depressed Ivanka lost a very important online catfight.
  • Now they're back together, with Ivanka pledged to maybe convert some day. No word on how the Donald took all this.

They even got back together in time to catch Dark Knight together. Something tells me that, against all odds, these two kids might make it. It's the feel-good heir-love story of the summer!