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The dissolved love affair between Anne Hathaway and would-be Vatican real-estate magnate Raffaello Follieri has strewn more than its fair share of heart-rending detritus through the young actress's life. But no abandoned dog or red-carpet ambush wields the devastating potential of Hathaway's private diaries, which were the prize catch among Pope photos, antique Bibles and other keepsakes evidence reportedly seized by the FBI in a recent raid on Follieri's residence. The confiscations come amid word that Follieri is struggling with his new digs at the Metropolitan Correction Center in New York, where his calls to Hathaway go unreturned and the Get Smart star's rumored compliance with the feds has zapped the last of the fraud suspect's oily mojo:

“Raffaello is doing very badly,” says a friend of Follieri, who was hospitalized for an anxiety attack the day he was locked up. “He says people are abusing him. He’s a broken man.” According to friends, he still wonders whether Hathaway, 25, helped put him behind bars. “He was in Europe, working on a deal,” says a source. “He didn’t have to come back to New York. He knew he was being investigated. But she kept calling him, saying they needed to resolve their future. A few days after his return, he was arrested.” Hathaway's rep declined to comment on "nonsense" and "false assumptions."

Meanwhile, what appear to be snippets of Hathaway's journals showed up in Defamer's inbox this morning — and they implicate more than just their author, with references to everyone from Pope Benedict XVI ("Didn't seem to remember Raffy, but was very sweet and said he liked me in Brokeback") to Hillary Clinton ("She used to take Raffy's checks, but now it's cash or money order only. So weird!") to Follieri himself, Hathaway's star-crossed love who never quite recovers from the scuttling of his ambitious open-house plans for the Vatican. Developing...