Because you commenters will never, ever meet each other in person, not ever, we think it's nice to create a place for you, each week, where you can celebrate each other's good work. You know, on the internet. So after the jump we have six of the best comments of the week, so you can revel in the brilliance that was. All alone in your homes. Never to meet. From onebadclam in Ask Haruki Murakami Anything: "When you looked out your window on those sunny, pleasant summer days when you wished you could be outside playing baseball instead of bowing to your parent's edict to study until midnight so you might get accepted at that most prestigious High School did you ever wish Mothra would come and crush them all?" From Bell County in the same post:

From bringmemyTofu in Jellllyyyyyfisshhh: "The swimmers in these articles were wearing "Jellyfish Are My Slaves" t-shirts, so they kind of had it coming." From bctx in Let Allen Salkin Fill You In on the Crazy Life of Allen Salkin: "When did Devon Gummersall from My So Called Life start writing for the New York Times?" And nearly everyone from that Scarlett Johansson graffiti post. Your Party Pick goes to moff for that Murakami post:

Good work everyone! Have fun NOT MEETING EACH OTHER!!!