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♦ Guy Ritchie met up with sons David and Rocco in London yesterday for the first time since October, but only after agreeing to follow a list of rules issued by Madonna, which included no new friends, no fast food, no newspapers, and no TV. [Us, Mirror]
♦ Back in the US, Madonna supposedly threw an "intimate dinner party" at her apartment so she could introduce Alex Rodriguez to a group of her friends. [Mirror]
♦ One week after Tim Robbins experienced a few problems trying to cast his vote in the presidential election, officials now say they pinpointed the issue: Robbins turned up at the wrong polling location, which he might have known if he'd bothered to vote in the mid-term elections. [NYDN, P6]

♦ Britney Spears' son Jayden was released from the hospital on Monday night following a "terrible allergic reaction" to something he ate. Also, Britney is supposedly working on some sort of "top secret project" that involves lots of male dancers. [People, People]
♦ Just about every major publisher is vying for Laura Bush's biography. George W? Not so much. [P6]
Michelle Williams' father, Larry, is in trouble with the IRS. He's expected to be extradited from Australia to the US to face charges he failed to pay taxes between 1990 and 2001. [National Enquirer]
Lydia Hearst is posing nude for French Playboy's 50th anniversary issue. [NYDN]
♦ The cost to get Mariah Carey to attend the World Music Awards: £100,000 for a jet to take her to Monte Carlo and a £10,000-a-night penthouse suite at the Hotel de Paris. [Daily Mail]
♦ Brad Pitt was supposedly denied entry into an LA movie screening this week because a guard at the door didn't recognize him behind his new mustache. [The Sun]
♦ Britain's Sun and News of the World have agreed to pay Sienna Miller $55,000 to settle her lawsuit against them for harassment and invasion of privacy. [E!]
♦ Ed Westwick supposedly tried to hit on Juliette Lewis at a recent Killers concert and came up empty. [R&M]
♦ Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still playing coy about whether they're planning to wed. [MSNBC]
♦ Breaking: Socialite Amanda Brooks is not the only Amanda Brooks in the world. [P6]
♦ Lauren Conrad says her real life boyfriend, actor Kyle Howard, won't be making any appearances on The Hills. [Us]
W impresario Patrick McCarthy has been missing in action at 4 Times Square lately because he's been on jury duty, just in case you were concerned. [P6]