There have been all kinds of rumors floating around about Marc Jacobs marrying Lorenzo Matrone, the upmarket Brazilian alternative to former rentboy Jason Preston. There was even a report of a very special brunch in Paris to be followed by a vacation together, which sounded suspiciously like a reception and honeymoon. To get to the bottom of the story, Fashion Week Daily went to the trouble of tracking down not one but TWO of the designer's flacks (GOD can that man NEVER commit??). Spoiler: Jacobs, officially at least, continues to enjoy the precious freedoms necessary for his admirable life as a sexual libertine. That is to say, he is not married. But just to be extra sure, Fashion Week Daily interviewed everyone who has ever worked for, talked to or looked at Marc Jacobs, ever:

  • Staffer in Louis Vuitton press office, Paris: "He's here right now."
  • Manager, Marc Jacobs Palais Royal boutique, Paris: "He was not in the Paris store this weekend, but sometimes it happens when he is in town... I don't know about his private life."
  • Salesperson, Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker Street, New York:"We have no reports or anything like that... I am sure they would have sent something out. But one of my friends told me about the marriage. I have no idea if it's true or not."
  • Davé Cheung of Marc's regular chinois restaurant Davé: "I don't know about this... We cannot get married in France yet—here, we have not yet passed such a law. In Spain, yes. In San Francisco, yes. But not Paris. To get married here is impossible—unless it is to a lady. They can have a celebration but not a legal marriage."

Next time ask his yoga instructor! Or, you know, his rentboy.

[Fashion Week Daily via Cityfile]