"I read your post on how some of the AOL/Weblogs bloggers are blogging for free. I don't know who the bloggers are or which blogs within the portfolio this applies to either. I was recently hired (signed a contract) to write for one of the blogs. Last week, the blog I'm with sent out a note to all the members of the team that everyone except for lead bloggers and paid staff should refrain from posting until August because of a budget shortfall. On the blog I was hired to write for, we receive just $X [redacted] per post, features (slideshows and such) are paid at a higher rate. I think some bloggers continue because they feel a sense of mission and duty and are really into it. [Emphasis added] I will not write for free."

"NO ONE SHOULD BE WRITING FOR FREE except for interns and people looking to get a start in the field. I have written for HuffPo on special occasions but I received press passes that made it worthwhile, as well as exposure and clips that showcased a different side to my writing. However, I can't make a habit out of it because I have to make a living."