Listen: former Men's Fitness and current editor of gay mag Genre, fameball Neal Boulton, loves both men and women. He can't help it. He'll flirt with anyone, which occasionally lands him on Page Six due to amorous allegations from his former hot French nanny, etc. Now, more problems: "Some angry jealous girl wrote me that she was going to plaster gossip all over the blogs about me being all over a ton of women at one of my local bars," he writes us. So he beat her to the punch, apparently: "Here is an open letter." Memo to all ladies: please stop hitting on Neal, as he is just not that into you (he's married, both to a woman and "[his] work"). No matter what went down at the bar last night:

To my friends at Gawker,

It has been brought to your attention that I carouse around among my local watering holes, occasionally brawl, and, when I can, try to bring the house down with my music. All of this is true-when I am not editing or writing for the magazines I relaunch. Along the way I have left a considerable amount of roadkill in the hook up department.

However, at 41 and back with my love of 16 years, I have resigned and sort of enjoyed evolving into a benign chap who, yes, does love to throw his arm around a couple of stunning blonds (boys or girls) as
was alleged. But for those of you who are a bit mad at my basically tearing through your lives, let me use this vehicle to write to you, personally, and say that I am sorry. Do consider yourself lucky that I am no longer with you though-I am a horrible catch, as I am more married to my work and my guitar than I would ever be to any man woman or child.

Thank you. God bless, and peace to all.

Thanks for letting us know, Neal. (Sorry about sending those photos. We'll stop.)