A couple of weeks ago, singer and serenity guru Courtney Love posted to her Myspace a long rant entitled "Ryan Adams you fucking weasel. deal with it.858,00$." No one knows exactly what Love said in the missive, precisely, but the scholarly consensus at this point is that it involved Adams using Love's American Express card and checkbook to pay for record expenses well above and beyond what Love felt had been authorized, possibly while Adams and Love were sexing one another. Also, Adams was supposedly spending money intended for Love's 15-year-old daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Now Adams has linked, from a strange box in the upper-right corner of his Web homepage, something of a response. Or at least it seems that way. He could be talking about some other "reality-challenged" person accusing him of "fictonal crime against innocents." But probably not! An excerpt:

I've been dealing with the truth that i have at times been a bad example and/or glorified self destructive behavior...

Regardless of varied judgments as to my cultural relevance, i am thankfully alive and exercising my joy in creating...

i've realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they're going to find reasons to justify disliking me. there's nothing i can do about that. that said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly reality-challenged—however unreliable the source or outlandish the accusations. in the end, however, i know that i have never done or even meant anyone any harm.

anyway, the lives of public figures are so much more boring than anyone can imagine. honestly.

Oh Courtney. You did know, didn't you, that handing your Amex to a cute young rocker boy for a period of weeks would, someday, end with heated demands on your part and with him then basically saying, "I'm sorry you feel I owe you money, there's nothing I can do about that, life sure is crazy?!?"

Next time: limits. You know you could! We wish you would!

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